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If you require support we are here for you

Business and Education Customers

Do you need support for your network or broadband? If you are an INS  business customer please ring 01928 238390 during office hours. You can also email Gill Forster with details of your problem, she can organise the right support very quickly.


Hospital Key Worker Support

Are you living in hospital accomodation with WIFI supplied by INS? Please use the help section below to connect with your Android device.

Turn on your phone and go to the settings app (on most versions of Android can be found by swiping down from the very top of the screen to open the notifications centre, then locating and pressing the cog icon.

On the settings app, locate the option that says “Network & Internet”. Other names may be “WiFi”, “Internet Access”. Press this option.

Press the option “Wi-Fi” to open up a list of the nearby WiFi access points.

Ensure that WiFi is turned on.

Look down the list of WiFi access points that your phone and select the access point with the strongest signal that does not have a padlock symbol next to it, and select that access point (you may need to click “connect”).

Select whichever access point is has the greatest signal on the list. This is therefore likely to be the closest access point to you, and so will be the most reliable.

If the access point has a padlock symbol next to it, that access point is not an INS access point and so you will be unable to connect to the internet through that access point.

This section assumes that you have found a WiFi access point to connect to and have clicked to connect to it.

Once you have clicked on a network to connect to it, if a web page automatically loads up, you can move on to the next section of instructions “Registering for an account”.

If no web page loads, you must cause it to load manually. To do this, open a web browser on your phone (for example Chrome, Firefox, etc), and search for something. This will cause the search to redirect to the login/register portal.

This section assumes you do not already have a valid account entitling you to internet for the named period of time. If you have an account, please move on to the next section “Logging in to an account”.

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This section assumes that you have a valid account entitling you to connect to our WiFi for the length of time purchased. If you do not have an account and would like direction on how to do so, please visit the section above “Registering for an account”.